Is there any significance to a weapon's weight?

Is there any significance to a weapon's weight? - Blackboard with YOUR LIFE MATTERS inscription on black background

I am currently in the first part of NieR: Replicant for the PS4, and I have obtained a number of one-handed swords. Each sword has its own unique stats, story, length, and weight.

As far as weight goes, there are various stats ranging from very light to heavy. I have seen slight differences in attack range while wielding longer weapons, yet I have not seen any differences when using weapons of different weights. I would have expected this to affect combo speed in battle, or movement speed while traveling the overworld, but this does not seem to the case as far as I can tell.

What is the significance to a weapon's weight, if any at all?

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Does weight matter in NieR Replicant?

It's your physical damage with that weapon. Magic power is a boost to your magic attacks \u2014 the Sealed Verses you collect for Grimoire Weiss. Weight relates to both the weapon's speed and damage. Heavier weapons deal more damage, but swing more slowly.

What does the weight mean in NieR Replicant?

The weight classes go from Very Light to Moderate to Heavy and Very Heavy. Lighter weapons would help increase NieR's speed and Physical Strength. Though a light weapon would help with physical strength, it would forgo his Knockback Resistance.

How does weight affect speed fe3h?

Essentially your Speed is reduced by the weight of the equipment you're carrying. But that, in turn, is countered by your strength. If you're strong enough, you won't suffer penalties for carrying heavier weaponry and equipment. Every five points in Strength allows you to nullify one point of Weight.

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