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I'm currently playing Super Mario Frustration on my NES emulator.

I'm struggling with some controls. I don't know how to make a jump that looks like this and that. I couldn't replicate it no matter what.

I need some hints. How should I press buttons (A, B, up, down, left, right) to make these jumps?

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As each romhack is more and more unique (Super Orb Bros is a standout SMB3 romhack that does new VERY well), it takes very fine-grained understanding of the height of jumps and running.

Some pointers I had to take away from Super Mario World, which is many iterations and a different engine but still worth noting comes from NES engine are:

  • Fluttering - re-grabbing run in the air in order to extend a jump
  • Re-grabbing - release and re-pressing a button.
  • Speed Jump - a P-speed jump which grants an additional tile in height

It's also worth noting that long-pressing jumps grant higher tiles than light taps.

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How do you survive in Control?

Tips for Surviving in Control
  • #1: Stay Mobile. ...
  • #2: Use the force Launch ability. ...
  • #3: Seek the Objects of Power. ...
  • #4: Don't go through the hassle of crafting mods. ...
  • #5: If you feel low level for an area, you just might be.

  • What do I need to know before playing Control?

    10 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting Control
    • 3 Enemies Respawn For Grinding.
    • 4 Don't Buy Mods. ...
    • 5 Use Ability Points For Health. ...
    • 6 Not A Cover Shooter. ...
    • 7 No Ammo Needed. ...
    • 8 No Difficulty Level. ...
    • 9 Crontrolvania. ...
    • 10 Use Headphones. One of the best things about Control is its sound design. ...

    Is Control hard to play?

    Originally published by Remedy Entertainment in 2019, Control was well known for being incredibly difficult. Multiple people told me, \u201cWell, it's very hard, but it's so worth it because the story is so good.\u201d I believed them.

    How long does it take to beat Control?

    If you want to complete the main campaign of Control, including all the side missions, then you should expect it to take roughly eleven to fifteen hours. If, however, you'd prefer to simply play through the main campaign, then it will take between ten to eleven hours.

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