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I am trying to find the (version).jar folder for 1.17.1 but it is not there, all that is there is a .json file. Does anyone know where it is?

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If there's only the JSON file, it means the .jar hasn't been downloaded yet. You must launch 1.17.1 from the launcher at least once - at that point the launcher will download the .jar from Mojang's servers before starting the game.

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Where is my Minecraft jar folder?

jar is the main code source for Minecraft. It is located in the . minecraft/versions/<version> directory.

How do I download Minecraft 1.17 1?

1 is a minor update to Java Edition, released on July 6, 2021, which changes some game mechanics and fixes bugs. It is not compatible with 1.17 servers.

Is Minecraft 1.17 and 1.17 1 the same thing?

Minecraft 1.17 is Part 1 of the much-anticipated Caves and Cliffs update. As announced in April, the first update added adorable axolotls, glow squids, mischievous goats, beautiful amethyst geodes, and over 100 new blocks and items. With so much new content, many bugs also slipped into the update.

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