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How do I tag this specific entity? (Go to description for info)

I want to merge the snowball/FallingSand passenger nbt tag with FallingSand/snowball. So, I have two commands set up: data merge @e[type=snowball] {Passengers:f

I am trying to make an invisible pig that I can put a lead on. How?

In Java, I have been trying to make a pig turn invisible. I have tried potions but they wear off too fast and become useless. I want to be able to put a lead on

Why did Cloud want to take the Huge Materia?

In Final Fantasy 7 (the original), Shinra says that they plan to stop the Meteor by loading a rocket with Huge Materia, and sending it to blow up the Meteor. Th

How to tag all snowballs that aren't riding another entity?

I want to detect all snowballs that aren't riding a falling sand entity and give them a custom tag called "AbleToStack" set to 1. I also want to detect all fal

How can I detect when an arrow is facing a player? Minecraft bedrock

I'm trying to make it so that when I fire a bow it instantly kills the person I'm looking at, I know to do that I need to know where the arrow is facing and I h

Can I upload full playthroughs onto YouTube?

Is it OK to post long gameplay (playthroughs) captured videos on YouTube, of games such as: Outlast, Outlast 2, WoW, Among Us, Cattails, Dead Space, etc. Or are

Does the flying cart glitch even work anymore?

So I went around playing on Java Edition, and I remembered the glitch(?) where players have a button that is their supposed Place Block button, their user holdi

How to summon tnt to a specific player’s location

I was thinking of trolling my friend in our survival world. Essentially, I’d like to be able to press a button on a command block that will summon tnt or

When player falls while parkouring he gets teleported to certain coordinates

How can I make it that when a certain player activates this command /execute if entity @a[x=257,y=69,z=-175,dx=11,dz=4] run teleport @p 260 74 -177, he gets tel

How to identify where's the chunks' boundaries?

I don't have some client to actually view the chunk boundaries and I don't want to use one, so I want to do it by hand. Are there any clues how to identify the

Cannot pass Ruins Top level on Lugaru HD

I'm playing Lugaru HD on Fedora 33 (Linux). There is a really hard level on Temple map. I can't found any way to go to rabbits on top. To understand, please wat

What is the max effective limit of luck of the sea in Minecraft?

I made a fishing rod with the luck of the sea enchantment at around 2.1 billion. The fishing rod works as normal, except it doesn't catch anything. I read on th

Why do I turn into super Mario instead of fire Mario when I touch a fire flower AS SMALL Mario in Super Mario Bros 1?

When I was playing Super Mario Bros 1, I - as Super Mario - hit a block containing a fire flower. I then got hit by an enemy, changing me into small Mario, but

What does the arrow mean when you pick up a weapon?

When I pick up weapons/ shields, then on the right side of the screen, you see it, but with a red/green/gray arrow pointing up, down, and sideways. what does th

What are all the entities that move in a parabola/line?

What are all the projectiles? Things like fireworks and potions and anything at all that have a consistent direction or is a parabola count too. This is my curr

How long does it take to break a stone block with an efficiency V (5) diamond pickaxe?

Minecraft's enchantment system allows for adding special features to certain tools. The enchantment called Efficiency increases the rate at which blocks are min

Can I make landmines snap to a grid?

When playing Factorio it seems that landmines are the only object I can place where it doesn't snap to a grid. I want to make a dragon's teeth barricade with la

How can I pick block on a touchscreen?

I'm trying to pick a block on Minecraft Education Edition for iPad, but I can't. I've tried changing the settings, but as the game is on an iPad, and the settin

How to summon an invisible armor stand with a diamond sword with a damage value and unbreaking on it?

Can I get some help on summon an invisible armor stand with a diamond sword on its head with the damage value being 944 and unbreaking on it? In the 1.12.2 form

Tagging a class with no Awakening weapon on release

Since the new class, Sage will be released on EU / NA today and I have never tagged a character before, I was wondering the following: Sage will release without

How can you make an armor that when you wear it, it will give you resistance 255? [duplicate]

So with the /effect command, it can give either you or a random entity in Minecraft. However, you can actually make custom items in the game w

Will I benefit from taking animal beds in a caravan?

When I go somewhere by caravan, I always remember to take bedrolls so my colonists will get a good night's sleep. But this invariably leads to their sleep bars

How do I make a "landmine"?

I want to hurt my victims where if they head to a certain X and Z, they get blown up, and it should be quicker than TNT. How do I make a landmine with this conc

.minecraft and %appdata% [duplicate]

i have looked at tons of tutorials and stuff, and even looked at other responses, but I still can't find .minecraft and %appdata%. I tried usi

How does the brewing potion work in Minecraft?

I started playing Minecraft Bedrock again after some while, because I stopped playing because of the narrator thing. The chest or crafting box or something more

I am looking for video game cassette 4 in 1 [closed]

So, I am looking for a video game cassette 4 in 1. I used to play back in 2005-2007 this cassette contains 4 games Robin Hood Not sure the nam

Will I have to buy a new clan?

In Warpath I bought my own clan. If I leave my clan and later decide I want my clan back, will I have to buy it again?

Can't accept minecraft invite (no error)

I'm having a problem with Minecraft multi player. I have it installed on an iPad. When someone invites me to their game, I can see the invitation pop up and th

Fallout New vegas NCR

Now i have been playing a lot of fallout new vegas and ive gotten quite far with the faction yes man(All the way to the quest to get into the electrical station

How can you teleport behind a player?

I'm trying to make an item for an "assassin" class, where when you hold it, you teleport behind the nearest player. I have found another question, but it only a