Can you make Ender Crystals do less damage?

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I have been trying to find a way around Ender Crystal damage in my map I have been making. I want to make the Ender Crystals do less damage while keeping the overall player damage the same.
My first workaround involved using resistance against the Ender Crystals, then cancelling the resistance out for regular player damage by giving strength, however it seems that any resistance level above 5 makes the player invincible.

Is there a way to make Ender Crystals do less damage?

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Yes. Try giving them blast resistance armor since that's where most of a Ender Crystal's damage comes from. Ah, and if you make it a certain durability or only allow it in those sections, it'd keep overall player damage the same.

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Does difficulty affect end crystal damage?

Easy, Normal, Hard mode, the damage of crystals does so as well. All modes of difficulty have the same crystal damage, which is equal to the damage on Easy Mode in Java Edition which leads me to believe this is a bug because nothing about it is mentioned in the Wiki.

How much damage do end crystals do to players?

As of now they deal 97 damage on hard which is enough to 1 hit a player with full protection 4 + blast 4 even without a direct hit. They are easily the best weapon in the game on hard, I hosted a server for a while with friends and as soon as they discovered it everyone was blowing up.

Do end crystals do more damage than TNT?

The explosion caused by End Crystals is 50% more powerful than TNT, the same as a Charged Creeper. Bedrock Exclusive: End Crystals emit a Light Level of 1. End Crystals can only be placed on Bedrock and Obsidian. However, they do not break once the Bedrock or Obsidian is broken.

Do you have to destroy end crystals?

In order to defeat the ender dragon and beat the game, Minecraft players must first break every end crystal. Otherwise, the dragon's health will continually heal, and any damage inflicted upon the mob will be for nothing.

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If you are asking to stop damage to the world, turn off mob briefing, meaning mobs or players can activate it unless by range. I hope this answered your question.

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