Command Block Effectiveness Range

Command Block Effectiveness Range - Facade of residential buildings on street

Can you be too far away for a command block to work? (ie. command does not execute)

I am curious because I was making a super-flat world a void one by filling a 7x7x4 zone around the player with air to clear it. But as I got farther away from the repeating command block, the space around me was not being filled. However when I got close enough to the command block, the command executed successfully. There is no radius limiter in the command itself, so I was wondering wether or not there is a hard-coded range limiter for command blocks.

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Command Block Effectiveness Range - Blue brick wall with uneven surface
Command Block Effectiveness Range - Bright glowing stars shining over dark night sky in high rocky mountainous terrain
Command Block Effectiveness Range - Long exposure of small vibrant Sun in light blue pink sky over mountain range and cliffs next to coast of endless wavy ocean in evening at dawn

Is there a range for command blocks?

The text limit for commands in a command block is 32,500 characters, but the text pane can show only a small portion of this amount at a time. Commands in a command block do not need to be prefixed with the forward-slash ( / ) as they do in the chat window, but doing so still works.

Can command blocks op?

Command Blocks will execute commands with an OP level 2 permissions. This means the following commands cannot be used with these blocks. /ban, /banlist, /ban-ip, /debug, /deop, /kick, /op, /pardon, /pardon-ip, /publish, /save-all, /save-off, /save-on, /stop, /whitelist.

How to increase Command Block Range/Distance(Bedrock-1.16.20)

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