How to change world save version?

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I only have access to 1.17 and can't update because it is Education Edition. I have a world that was saved in 1.18. The world is in Bedrock format and is the only format that seems to be compatible with my Minecraft application.

Is it possible to change it to the older version or at least have it converted?

I will supply the world file to ensure the chance of success is greater.

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How do I restore a previous version of a Minecraft world?

So, in order to access the game saves, you need to first access the hidden Minecraft folder.
  • Step 1 \u2013 Go to Windows Start, type %appdata% and hit Enter.
  • Step 2 \u2013 Navigate to \\roaming. ...
  • Step 3 \u2013 Open the Minecraft world folder you want to restore.
  • Step 4 \u2013 Right-click on an empty area and select Properties.

  • What happens if you load a Minecraft world in an older version?

    When you load an old world in a newer version (e.g. 1.12. 2->1.13, or 1.13->18w30a), the game asks you if you want to create a backup of the world; however no such option is given if you load a newer world in an older version (e.g. 18w30a->1.13).

    Can you reverse Minecraft world?

    Only if you have a backup. If not, then there's no way to undo it.

    How to Update your Existing Survival world to Minecraft 1.17 MCASelector

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