How to make snow golems do damage?

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I have a single player world, and I'm trying to make a game in which two players try to attack and destroy each other's bases (represented by and iron golem and a ravager in cages). I'm trying to allow them to use mobs (snow golems and skeletons) to aid them in their endeavors. However, I am having trouble making the snow golems do damage. I'm going to try the following command tomorrow, and I'll post an answer if it works, but I'm wondering if there is a better way to do this with commands. Is there any way to make snow golems do damage to mobs who aren't blazes?

Note: I'm playing on an Xbox, so less is more when it comes to character count for the command. :)

/execute @e[type=snowball] ~ ~ ~ execute @e[type=!snow_golem, rm=0, r=.5] ~ ~ ~ summon arrow ~ ~1 ~

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Can you make snow golems do damage?

Under most circumstances, the snowballs launched by Snow Golems do no damage and only knock the entity it hits backward. However, Snow Golems will do damage to any blazes that they hit with their snowballs.

How do you make a snow golem stronger?

The Golems would not do any damage and would not set any mob on fire. This is unfortunate for Java Edition players. However, they get a lot of perks so that they can deal with it. Many Minecraft Redditors found it quite funny how Snowballs can be set on fire in the Bedrock Edition.

How to make snow golems do damage !

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