Removing Tag/Scoreboard Value from Offline Players

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For my Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Realm, I am creating a system where players can purchase access to a certain area for 24 hours. So far, I have created the purchasing system and 24-hour timer. When a player purchases access, they are given a tag so that they and only they can enter the area during the time period. After the time is up, the tag must be removed so someone else can purchase access. The problem arises if they are offline when the time is up. I currently have no way to remove the tag from them if they are offline, and waiting until they come online again means the whole system is stuck until they come back (if they do) meaning no one else can purchase access until they come back. I want a solution that will allow a reset of the system when the time ends, allowing someone else to rent soon after. I am open to using scoreboard objectives instead of tags if that seems like a better option.

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How do I remove offline players from scoreboard?

You can add, list and remove player tags using the /tag command in Minecraft. This is a very useful command to target and tag players in a multiplayer game.

How do you delete a scoreboard on player?

Scoreboard Command
  • To add an objective: /scoreboard objectives add <objective> <criteria> [displayName]
  • To remove an objective: /scoreboard objectives remove <objective>
  • To list all objectives: /scoreboard objectives list.
  • To set how the objectives are displayed: /scoreboard objectives setdisplay <slot> [objective]

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