What is the best way to get "How did we get here" achievement?

What is the best way to get "How did we get here" achievement? - Overjoyed African American graduate tossing copies of resumes in air after learning news about successfully getting job while sitting in green park with laptop

What is the best or fastest way and how, to get this hidden achievement in minecraft java?

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How to get "How did we get here"

This achievement is the rarest and most difficult achievement to complete. To achieve the "How Did We Get Here?" advancement, players will have to apply every status effect on themselves. It is nowhere near as easy as it sounds. Players will have to get 26 unique status effects to complete this advancement.

List of status effects to get "How Did We Get Here?" advancement

  • Absorption
  • Bad Omen
  • Blindness
  • Conduit Power
  • Dolphin's Grace
  • Fire Resistance
  • Glowing
  • Haste
  • Hero of the Village
  • Hunger
  • Invisibility
  • Jump Boost
  • Levitation
  • Mining Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Night Vision
  • Poison
  • Regeneration
  • Resistance
  • Slow Falling
  • Slowness
  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Water Breathing
  • Weakness
  • Wither

Mobs needed for applying status effects

Players will have to gather the following mobs in one place as well:

  • Elder Guardian for Mining Fatigue
  • Dolphin for Dolphin's Grace
  • Shulker for Levitation

Players will also have to get the Bad Omen effect by killing a raid captain and the Hero of the Village effect by protecting a village from a pillager raid in Minecraft.

Items needed for applying status effects

Lastly, players will have to get these items in order to apply other effects:

  • Rotten flesh for Hunger
  • Conduit and prismarine for Conduit Power
  • Spectral arrow for Glowing
  • Golden apple for Absorption
  • Beacons for Resistance and Haste
  • Wither rose for Wither
  • Pufferfish for Nausea
  • Suspicious stew made with Azure Bluet for Blindness

This post is just to show how to get this achievement, not the best way to do so, maybe someone could consildate sources and ideas into one answer for the best/fastest way?


Of course, there are many other ways to do this challenge, but I will just share how Curcuit did it.

Video link: Curcuit speedrun 18:20 IGT | WR

There is no easy way to get this achievement, best is to find a good seed, and find all the locations of the required resources and jot them down. Note that Curcuit used the igenious method of throwing items down, before leaving, rejoining, then quickly restarting minecraft and rejoining to get double the items, basically duping.


  • Logging out of minecraft does not contribute to your time

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How do you get the how did we get here Minecraft achievement?

Seen by many as the pinnacle of Minecraft's in-game achievements, How Did We Get Here is awarded to the player for having every single effect applied at once. Not just every potion effect (they're covered alone in the pre-requisite "A Furious Cocktail") - every possible effect in the game.

How do you get the Shulker levitation achievement?

Minecraft players will just need to let the shulker's projectile attacks hit them, starting at the bottom of one of these towers. Players will then be able to progressively float all the way to the top, which in most cases is high enough to earn this achievement.

How do you get levitate 50 blocks from a Shulker?

Shulkers are found in End cities. They look like purple blocks, but when you get close they open up and shoot at you. When you are hit by these projectiles, you float up very slowly for 10 seconds. you need to get hit by at least 7 or 8 well spaced projectiles to float up for 50 blocks.

What is the hardest achievement to get in Minecraft?

The Minecraft achievement titled "How Did We Get Here?" is by far one of the hardest and rarest achievements. It is what's known as a hidden advancement, meaning it can only be viewed by the player after completing it. In order to complete the achievement, the player must have every effect applied at the same time.

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