Where are my Feed The Beast files stored?

Where are my Feed The Beast files stored? - Side view of purebred gray horse with fluffy mane and tail standing on field and eating fresh grass

I am using FTB's new app launcher, which means many of the previous questions on FTB's modpack file locations don't seem to apply anymore.

The FTB app launcher seems to use the Overwolf app, so I tried looking through the Overwolf folder in Program Files (x86) with no results.

I also tried looking through the %appdata% folder but only found save files for another Overwolf app. There seems to be nothing in my .minecraft folder either.

It appears FTB doesn't save modpacks in folders with clear names as curseforge does.

So, where are my FTB modpack files located?

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According to this article, they are on your desktop:

Make a folder named FTB in the AppData\Roaming\ftblauncher folder. Install the launcher there, make a shortcut and move it to your desktop.

This article says it depends on your settings, and you can modify the path from "Options":

Depends on your settings. Go to Options and you can view or edit the path there.

And according to the wiki, files are stored to the location that you installed FTB from (using the launcher) in the first place:

When it has finished downloading, you can move the .exe anywhere you wish, your desktop, My Documents, Downloads. I took a little bit of time and made a .feedthebeast folder in my roaming next to .minecraft. By default, all of the Modpacks will install to the folder you specify to have it download to.

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Where do I find FTB files?

FTB Launcher
  • Open the FTB Launcher.
  • Select the My Modpacks tab within the launcher.
  • Hover over the modpack you want to find the folder for, and click the three dots icon to open up the full modpack view. For this example, we will be using FTB Revelation.
  • Click the Open Folder button to open the modpack install folder.

  • How do you download feed the beast on Minecraft?

    Installing an official pack
  • In the launcher's main window click on the "FTB MODPACKS" tab.
  • Click on one of the packs on the left. ...
  • Once you have chosen your pack click the "Launch" button.
  • Wait as the launcher downloads, installs, and launches the pack.
  • Enjoy playing Feed the Beast!

  • Can you add mods to feed the beast Modpacks?

    Open the FTB launcher and navigate to the \u201cMy Modpacks\u201d tab. On this page, hover your mouse over the modpack you want to add mods to and click the 3 dots. To the top right of the page, click on \u201cOpen Folder\u201d. Enter the mods folder and drag in the mods.

    How do I download feed the beast 2021?

    On Windows
  • Navigate to the Feed The Beast website and click the download button under \u201cWindows\u201d.
  • Click and run the .exe file after it has finished downloading.
  • It will take a moment to load, after it has, click Next.
  • Change the directory if you wish, then next again.

  • Minecraft Feed the Beast: E9 - Automatic Storage System

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