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Which dropboxes can give Fennec bodies, if any?

I've heard conflicting opinions on whether a Fennec can be earned through a dropbox, so I'm asking here to find out. If it can, which dropbox rarity levels have

Why is Steam telling me that I've been "attempting a lot of purchases" and how do I fix it?

When trying to make a purchase, Steam keeps saying: It looks like you've been attempting a lot of purchases in the last few hours. Please wait a while before t

Can't connect to my Minecraft java or bedrock servers despite open ports but can connect locally [closed]

Java Server I am hosting a minecraft server and I am able to connect to it using (localhost) but I can not connect to it publicly by using my

I lost my character in Terraria, how can I get it back?

I was playing Terraria when my pc overheated and then shutdown. The next time I opened the game my character disappeared/deleted itself, I tried to recover the

1.17 Custom Model Data Not Working

I'm not sure where my problem is stemming from, as I have several dozen custom models working in the current test resource pack I'm trying things out within. So

How To set up a Tag game in Minecraft Bedrock

new poster here,sorry if this is a bad question. I want to set up a Tag game in Minecraft BEDROCK, but I've run into some walls. Assume the tag game is played l

im trying to use a command where a repeating command block teleports someone to a spot but my command doesnt work

I was looking for a command and I found this: /execute @a[x=a,y=b,z=c,r=d] ~ ~ ~ tp @p e f g Where: a, b, and c are the XYZ coordinates that you want to telepo

I achieved hero status, what does it mean?

I've just defeated the 4 Wraiths, got a trophy stating that now I've achieved the hero status, and my health bar in the menu has a slightly different appearance

Why can't I create a new file in Bridge V2?

I am trying to create an addon for Minecraft and have decided to use bridge V2. As I am new to the software, I decided to watch a few tutorials and all of them

Is there any way to get snow layers to light up properly?

I've recently been trying to terraform a mountain area using snow layers. However, even in full sunlight, there are weird shadows cropping up making the sides o

How do I check which video clips I've watched?

One of the completion list tasks in Yakuza 0 is to watch 30 different video clips at the erotic video store. Rewatching a clip you've already seen doesn't count

Function command doesn't work

I'm trying to make a datapack and a I have a function and when I call it normally within code or Minecraft it works fine and if I run the command execute as @e[

Can I play digitally bought games on Xbox (series S) on a different console by signing in to my account, like the One?

I'm looking to buy the Xbox series S, which can only be downloaded. I'm concerned that I'll have to rebuy the game if I ever decide to download it to a new or d

Minecraft ore generation formulas

Is there a formulas for ore generation? I can't find it. Of course, I understand that lapis lazuli is generated according to the normal distribution law, but wh

1.17.1 Minecraft Jar Folder

I am trying to find the (version).jar folder for 1.17.1 but it is not there, all that is there is a .json file. Does anyone know where it is?

How does minecraft generate biomes in 1.17

I would like to know how the Minecraft biomes in java edition gets generated with a specific script. Is there any type of script (maybe using python) that can d

Menuloop and practice mode song changing doesn't work

I've been trying to change my menuloop and practice mode song, but when I open up Geometry Dash after I'm done changing, nothing starts playing. Same on the pra

Why don't these /execute parameters check for the entity in the specified position?

I have a system set up to trigger a command block if an entity walks to that spot. However, it is setting off the trigger without an entity being there. This is

Are Enderman slaves? [closed]

Are the Enderman really slaves to the Ender Dragon? I was researching them and I read that they had been subjugated to slavery under the ende

Command Block Effectiveness Range

Can you be too far away for a command block to work? (ie. command does not execute) I am curious because I was making a super-flat world a void one by filling a

Is it possible to destroy a road that I previously placed?

Is it possible to destroy a road that I previously placed? I didn't understand how roads and fort placement worked relative to where monsters spawn. Leaving a g

Can xbox360 and mobile cross play Minecraft [duplicate]

My friend used an Xbox 360 for Minecraft and I use mobile but since were both bedrock (haters will say it’s not) I kinda thought we coul

How I play Minecraft in fullscreen but keep my taskbar?

Minecraft crashed so I loaded it back up and now my taskbar is gone. I could not maximize/minimize my window. How do I fix this?

How to pass phone audio to Dualshock 4 controller that is connected by Bluetooth?

I have my Dualshock 4 connected over Bluetooth to my phone. Everything works fine, but I want to use the controller's audio jack instead of the phones. When I c

What counts towards ascension achievements? (Cookie Clicker)

I've been farming for the Reincarnation achievement, but I want to be sure what counts as an ascension. Do I need to gain prestige every run, or can I just spam

Where are my Feed The Beast files stored?

I am using FTB's new app launcher, which means many of the previous questions on FTB's modpack file locations don't seem to apply anymore. The FTB app launcher

How to /tell a Player an NBT property of a item on 1.12.2?

I'm trying to create a small basketball game on my server (from scratch to learn command blocks). To test that it's working, I'm trying to have the Basketball i

How does the luxury index affect demand?

Each product in Capitalism 2 has a necessity index and a luxury index. I understand what the necessity index does: necessity of 10 (i.e. 100%) means no change i

How long does it take to break obsidian with Mining Fatigue 255?

I'm trying to figure out how long it takes to break one piece of obsidian with my fist with Mining Fatigue 255. How long does it take? How about underwater? Wit

Is it worth to let a dweller go in exploration till he/she dies?

I noticed that the revival cost may be inferior to the caps and experience gained during exploration and the equipment found. I checked out this question for un