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How can I give players items that are automatically equipped In Minecraft?

How can I give someone maybe a chest plate and it will automatically equip them with it?

How can you be immune to damage from bed explosions in the nether/end?

In Minecraft, everyone seems to able to use beds for mining or killing the Ender Dragon, but whenever I use it I blow up instantly. Is this a bug, or how can I

Are there actually different PS1 Memory Card versions/revisions?

Based on this answer: If I remember correctly; The Slim version supports only the PS/X(1995-1999)version memory cards, not the PSOne(2000-2500) version ones. T

How can you detect when a player hits a block in Adventure Mode [version 1.16.5] in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, I am trying to make a map in Adventure Mode where you sell/buy trees. I want to be able to detect whenever a player has punched an oak log in Adve

Where do I get the key for the first house?

I've 'completed' the game, but didn't find the key for the first house. (I got the one for the arcade machine house). Where can I find it?

How can I heal with arrows?

Watching Technoblade, he mentions how bad tipped arrows are in Minecraft, saying that the Arrow of Healing isn't helpful. Are there ways to actually heal proper

PS4 Controller not connecting to PS4 and won't reset?

I was playing my PS4 two days ago and then packed it up with two controllers that were both connected to this PS4. I got to where I was going, set everything

Would a normal spider spawner work if I built a farm meant for cave spiders [closed]

I found a spider spawner in my survival world and am wondering if I could build a farm meant for a cave spider spawner would it work with the

Are the chances for all cards equal in YGO Power of Chaos (and the Expansions)

I wonder if the chances for specific cards are lower or higher than others in Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos (any of the trilogy). You get 3 cards after a BO3-match (

Minecraft skin bug?

So I have a Samsung phone and I play minecraft bedrock edition. Whenever I try to open another tab it disconnects my friends from my world. This also happens wh

The distance for generating a stronghold

Where does strongholds generate? What is the approximate distance for strongholds to generate (from spawnpoint to stronghold chunk)?

Entity lighting bug or invisible entity parts or just like that

I newly moved to zorin os and now I am facing to some issues about minecraft. whenever I walk near an entity, it becomes white or some part of it dissapears . l

Steam download issue

Normally I let my games on Steam download at night. Recently I bought a game that because of its size I’d have to let download over night. I got the game

Unable to link two portals in the immersive portals mod in Minecraft

In Minecraft, I was using the Immersive Portals mod and I can not get two of the portals to connect, it is connecting to where a different portal is, but there

USB Loader GX keeps on crashing to the Homebrew Channel

I have a Wii on version 4.3U. One of my games used to work, but now all of them just crash to the Homebrew Channel. I already know there is another post about t

1.16.5 water is clear and f3 screen is bugged

In 1.16.5 I was bored and logged onto Minecraft for the first time in a few months. when I looked at my old f3 screen it looked like and old 1.8 version. The wa

How do I remove an armor stand without destroying it (survival mode)

In MineCraft (friend's realm, survival, java v 16.5) How do I remove an armor stand without destroying it. I have removed all the armor from it, and find that t

How does weapon skill affect weapon damage in New Vegas

On the wiki page for combat skills the formula given indicates that weapon damage should scale linearly with weapon skill from 0.5x at 0 skill to 1.5x at 100 sk

Are perk modifiers to weapon damage added before or after DT is applied?

The combat damage formula on the wiki seems to indicate that perk bonuses to combat damage is added after DT has been applied. However if I take the Cowboy perk

I want to play Minecraft with my friend in my world but it always says unable to join world on their screen [duplicate]

I am using an iPad and they are using an iPhone.I tried a lot of things.

Issues reconnecting PS4 controller to console after using iPad

Any suggestions on how to reconnect my ps4 controller to console? I recently connected it to the iPad to play and now I can’t seem to reconnect to console

Where does the flat world start to corrupt?

I have a LAN world where my friends and I are making a country. I also have plans making the surrounding ocean once we setted up the full land, but since Bedroc

Why isn't @p (at p) targeting the correct player?

I have a line of command blocks targeting @p, but they target seemingly random players. the person closest to the button will get teleported and given like 2 it

Can I remove the boss from the map after he appears using Oblivion cards by reducing the map progress bar?

When playing the game, you progress in a map by placing tiles. This fills a progress bar for map completion where the boss appears when this is filled. This bar

New ranked banked days LOL season 2021

I know that the new ranked system starting from diamond allows you to bank days so you do not get demoted or have your lp decayed in case of inactivity. FYI und

Why did my ultimate cooldown go much higher for no reason?

I was playing Karthus in an ARAM. I had 118 ability haste putting my ultimate on a cooldown of around 64 seconds. Near the end of the game, I cast my ult, but w

How to jump nose up while on your back

I've seen a few videos where people are on the ground, on the back of the car (tires are in the air, roof is grinding on the ground), then it looks like they ju

What are the differences in PVP between Bedrock and Java edition?

What are Bedrock and Java's differences in PVP?

How could I make a "banishing arrow"?

Using command blocks in 1.16, how would I make an arrow, that when it hits someone, it /execute in the_end run tp them to the Nether or end?

To whom the kill will be assigned in Fortnite Duo, Trio team member?

Please, does anyone know how the kill assignment is computed in Fortnite in Duo/Trio? For example, if three members from the same team shoot an enemy at the sam