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Run Sonic Heroes on modern graphics

Decided to revisit a classic from my childhood - Sonic Heroes 2003-2004. It runs decently on my onboard graphics Intel HD 5500, but there are times where the FP

Does the words you choose for your poems change anything?

In the poem building minigames, you pick words to form your poem. Do they change anything in the game, or is the game completely on rails and the poems you cre

Are EVs applied to every pokemon that battled, or just the final one

As it says in my question title: In Pokemon games, are EVs applied to every Pokemon you use in a battle, or just the one that deals the final blow? I did a quic

Can I get steam to reconnect without restarting?

Steam is in a weird state. I have a game running, and: it says "no connection" it sort of thinks it's in online mode: the client menu has a "go offline..." opt

Minecraft Better Together Servers on Xbox One

Do you need Xbox Live Gold to access servers?

Macready uses ammo supply differently when equipped in power armor

I just told Macready to equip some power armor, and now he appears to use his ammo supply differently than when out of the armor. Specifically, when out of the

Does energy pulse stack per orb?

I'm a fan of the Zenurik school, which has this handy ability: Energy Pulse: Energy pickups grant 25% / 30% / 35% / 40% / 45% / 50% additional energy over 1

3 month free PS Plus membership

I bought a 1 year PS Plus membership a month ago and I got a message regarding 3 extra months. Now I looked it up and it was a "Favor" from Sony as there's gonn

How do I attack in Skyrim?

I'm a noob at Skyrim and don't know how to attack. It says press m1, but I don't know what that is.

Clothing piece stuck behind creature part. (Spore)

I have a tiny mask stuck behind a creature part and i cant move it or refund it. Is there any way I can sell it or get rid of it? Undoing does not work, and I h

Is there any difference between normal Pokemon and Totem size Pokemon that we received from Oak?

In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, we can Collect a Totem Strickers that can we excange with Totem size Pokemon from Samson Oak. But is there any difference betwee

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Splitscreen

In the Settings for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition under Video there are options concerning Split Screen, I've never been able to use splitscreen so I'm wondering

How to import single player minecraft world into server folder

I've tried the usually suggested method of copying minecraft world from "saves" folder in ".minecraft" but Bukkit didn't recognize the world was even there. The

DualShock 4 wireless controller not working [duplicate]

I bought a PS4 and a DualShock 4 controller, and when I turned on the power button it told me to press the PS button. When I do, the controlle

Is Damage taken impacted by durability of a piece of armor?

I have seen this question and this spreadsheet, but I am looking for clarification. I want to know if a heavily damaged, higher level piece of armor will off

What does linking my Xbox live account to my EpicGames account do?

I recently started playing Fortnite on the PC and XBox one. I have 2 separate accounts for the games, but bought the battle pass for the Xbox one. The PC and XB

Flightgear: ILS makes my aircraft - Cessna 337 - turn away from the airport

In FlightGear, all manual ILS approaches work like a charm. But many ILS approaches on autopilot are bonkers. Steps to reproduce: Approach Basel-Mulhouse (LF

How many levels do the games on the VTech Kidizoom Camera Pix have?

For Christmas this past year, a small member of my household received the gift of a VTech Kidizoom® Camera PixTM. It did not take any of us long to discover

How do I install mods on a Mac?

I want to install a mod (specifically, Ravenhearst), but the mod launcher only works on Windows. Is it possible to install mods on Mac?

When does the forest FINALLY end?

I've been in this quest for two days and have 1,085,600 candies but I can't reach the end! I don't know what to do.

Cloning command Xbox One

I'm trying to clone a square from original coordinates [(-666, 15, -339)(-671, 10, -335)] along the x-axis by 6 spaces each time. I want the y- and z-axis to re

can you use mods on scalacube?

I want to play on a server with me and my friend. Can you use mods on ScalaCube

What happens if you kill January?

In one of the missions in Prey, you go to meet December. However, just as you get there, January kills December. However, it's possible to kill January

How to play Mine Little Pony Mod in Minecraft 1.12.2

I have Minecraft 1.12.2 I'd like to use the Mine Little Pony Mod with LiteLoader so I downloaded liteloader for 1.1.2, made a mods folder in ..../Library/App

How to view Gmod screenshots from other computer but the same account?

I have an ancient s775/DDR2 system (replaced with AM3/DDR3 pc), but it has some problems with cooling and I can't turn it on, I don't have much time to solve th

Helmet headshot protection for face shot?

A level 1 or 2 Helmet visually does not protect the players face. Does it always give Protection for headshots, no matter if hit in the face or somewhere else

What actions count as a suicide?

I see a count of one for my suicide stat in the career section. I know I died several times caused by myself, falling from a high rooftop, jumping out of drivi

What does a safe do?

My merchant is trying to sell me a safe and I want to know if it actually keeps other players out before I spend 20 gold on it.

Set a tag on slots/hotbars

I want to know if you can do so that all the slots in the players inventory gets a specifc tag. etc if something is in slot 8 it will get a name. Or if somethin

Consistent disconnection by VAC in Linux, despite verifying local file integrity

I got disconnected from an official Team Fortress 2 server by VAC using my Linux machine, even though I have not changed the game files in anyway nor have I add