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How do I change the amount of health players have in Rec-Room?

Is there a way to change the default amount of health on Rec-Room? I see too many people having one-shot kill PVP and I find it ridiculous. I want to add some

I killed Flowey and reloaded my save file, but he's still not there! [duplicate]

I killed Flowey after a pacifist run and then, realizing that I now could not get true pacifist, I reloaded my save file. But Flowey wasn't th

Unable to see created game in AoE2 in Windows 7

I am trying to play in Local Lan multiplayer between a Laptop, which is connected through Wifi and a desktop PC which is connected through an ethernet cable to

Cheats on Xbox 360 portal 2

Are there cheats on Xbox 360 for Portal 2? I searched and searched for cheat codes for Portal 2 on Xbox 360 but the only thing that pops up is console commands

What gems does Lily Roth not sell?

Assume one is already at the atlas (past epilogue). What gems does Lily Roth (in act 6, I think) not sell and where to find them? Excluding corrupted and qual

Is there a way to make the locator maps only show the player who is holding it?

I want to know if there is a way to have it so that all players can't see each other on locator maps, and how.

Can you use Skyrim Legendary Edition mods on the normal edition?

I just figured out I had Skyrim in my Steam games. It's the 32-bit non-Legendary Edition Skyrim without any DLCs. Can I still use Legendary Edition mods on it?

How to /give a player a named item with Level 10 enchants in Pocket/Bedrock Edition? [duplicate]

I’m building a multiplayer hide-and-seek map, and I want to give seekers an instant-kill weapon named “Boop Stick” (don&rsqu

Effect of "Version" setting in Bandai Namco's Arcade Game Series: Galaga (Steam)

In Bandai Namco's "Arcade Game Series: Galaga", available from Steam, there is a setting "Version" which can be set to "NEW" (default) or "OLD". There is text w

Can't log in to Minecraft

I have tried restarting my computer and a lot of other things. I can't log into the launcher the website, Technic, or Badlion. It just says: Could not connect t

Why does Hunting make sense?

I'm trying to wrap my head around the Hunting life skill. I've done the basic questline for Hunting and it's all fine and well. What I don't understand is; how

Animals not fully eating

I keep having animals starving because they don't eat what I leave them to. I leave them potatoes, pemmican, etc. But they go, they start to eat and the food co

How do I fly a minicopter?

I found a minicopter along a road, and decided to test it out. I tossed some fuel in it and attempted to start it up. I managed to get it a few feet off the gro

Interaction Succubus + Avleda rune

In 'Order of Night actions' Succubus redirects are listed before item effects. What does this mean for a combination of a Succubus redirect and an Avleda rune?

Help With Custom Commands on villigers with a custom item 1.15.2

I was trying to get an emerald with a custom color added to it and have a villager sell the emerald. I was doing well getting both to spawn but when I tried to

How do you hook multiple Triggerzones up to a single Respawn Pad in Rec Room?

I have multiple elimination zones in my room that immediately teleport anyone that goes into them back to the start of the map. Things like spike beds, swinging

As Trevor, am I able to store a car in the Vespucci beach safehouse driveway (Floyd's Apartment)?

As Trevor, am I able to store a car in the Vespucci Beach safehouse driveway (Floyd's Apartment) without it disappearing and I don't ever get the car back?

How to register to Destination Wakfu 2?

There is this big event coming this Friday on Wakfu, "Destination Wakfu 2". On the video introducing the event and on the official forum post, they mention you

What is the moustache mode in Plants vs Zombies?

I saw an achievement in Plants vs Zombies which requires you to enable moustache mode(see below), but I have no clue what is it. Can somebody tell me how and wh

Can I unlock any/all of the divine items corresponding to relics in my Beyond recipe?

Each relic has a corresponding divine item, and you can unlock each divine item by winning a Beyond run created using that relic. But I'm not sure that's the wh

What is the easiest way to achieve a 200k minimum score in the Hollowed Lair Nightfall activity?

Just looking for an easy way to get a 200k minimum score in the Hollowed Lair Nightfall. I have read the drop chance of NF exclusive loot is dependent on the h

How does the initial 50% XP bonus work with the premium rocket pass?

How does the initial 50% XP bonus work with the premium rocket pass? If I'm on tier 50 of the rocket pass can I expect to get an immediate tier up? How big wil

Chances for rolling the "Bow Attacks fire an additional Arrow" on a bow

I have a shaper influenced thicket bow base. I've used almost 2000 alts on it but I never gotten the "Bow Attacks fire an additional Arrow" mod, which is a suff

Was my PS4 hacked or my account stolen? [closed]

My PS4 is at home, I have no way of getting into contact with it. I'm not sure if my PS4 was hacked or if someone took over my account. Someon

Disabling Fallout 4 "Creation Club" item/mod

I've started playing Fallout 4 on PC again after a few months away. As I've been fighting, I've noticed that the dead NPCs I kill will despawn/disappear immedia

What happened to games having a multitude of servers? [closed]

It wasn’t too long ago that PC games didn’t really have a “Play Now” button- you had a roster of servers, many of them

How can I beat Zone 48 in Besiege?

I'm having difficulty completing Zone 48: Mesa Outpost on the Isle of Krolmar in the game Besiege. The victory condition is presented as "Destroy the Cannons",

Lion Hunter Achievement Minecraft 1.14.3 (current Xbox One release) Cannot Feed Ocelot

I have a big problem, ocelots don't come to me while I hold any raw fish while I crouch or stand. They aren't scared, they don't scurrying away from me. When I

How can I deal with enemies stuck in unreachable areas in The Division and The Division 2?

On both The Division and The Division 2, the SnowDrop engine can end up spawning enemies inside of walls and over/under the playable area. What is the best way

Undertale "Fun Value" and seeing W.D Gaster [closed]

Every time you start or "reset" Undertale, a specific number from 1-100 is selected as a "fun value". The value determines some things that ca