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How can I display telemetry data?

Recently, while looking at the F1 2020 settings, I noticed an entry related to UDP Telemetry. I guess this is intended to collect/display additional telemetry d

Which containers outside of Tundra Homestead are safe?

This question is specific to the Creation Club content "Tundra Homestead". There is an external forge and smithing area next to Tundra Homestead. Here is a 'sc

Use Taiko drum for random games

I bought a cool rhythm game (Taiko no Tatsujin) and I got the drum controller to go with it. While playing with it I thought it would be fun to try and use it f

How do you upload .zip to .mcpack?

So while I was trying to import a .zip file from planet Minecraft, I followed all the instructions to turn it into .mcpack. While I did that, I imported it to M

Can you achieve the best ending in DS3 without dying once?

I am currently doing my first DS3 playthrough, and I generally try to complete these kinds of games without dying once. So far I am doing fine, but a friend tol

Installing Steam games on external HDD... bad idea?

So I installed Steam + a few games onto a USB hard drive easily enough, and so far everything seems to work fine. But I've read mixed opinions online, many say

How far can a player jump while running backwards? [closed]

I watched Skeppy's running backwards video, and noticed that players could jump two blocks while running backwards. I have tried doing this, b

Move minecraft world from ps4 [duplicate]

My 2 sons now have a ps4 each. Son number 2 started a Minecraft world on the original ps4. He now has a ps4 of his own. How do I move the worl

How do I stop Freeciv from animating every move when observing an AI player?

When observing an AI player on a large map, each turn can take a few minutes, because Freeciv animates every single move by units of the observed player. This i

What does "maybe" mean in Sega Rally?

In Sega Rally some corners are described with the word "maybe", e.g. "easy right maybe". What does this mean in the game?

In Skyrim, what is the third official High Res Texture Pack module for?

I have quite an old machine, and I am trying to work out which modules I should load at launch in order to reduce stress on the GPU. Depending on what they do,

Civilization VI/6 crashes on startup on Linux

When I start Civilization VI from Steam on Linux (Fedora 32) the game instantly crashes. No error, no nothing. It briefly says that I'm playing it and then retu

Why does /trigger have no objectives/commands after installing a datapack that has /trigger commands?

Disclaimer: I know this is similar to a previous question I asked that is related to this issue, but it was a bit too specific, and I've decided to ask a more g

How can I disguise my own name (for my screen) in chat on a recording?

I'm starting a channel for gaming, and I like my current Minecraft username, however if I change it to match my new one bad things will occur (and I don't want

When should consume(+) not be played?

Assume you are playing the defect, and have some defined amount of 'focus' currently. There are also some number of frost orbs and powers active, filling out th

Minecraft keep inventory not working in 1.16.1

I executed the command /gamerule keepInventory true and when I test this with /gamerule keepInventory, this command returns true. However, sometimes when me or

Is it possible to beat Brutal or Mega-Brutal with a Bacteria starting from China, on a fresh game?

I'm trying to create a disease like the trailer, of a Bacteria coming from China, as my first win... So I have no Genes, no Cheats, nothing but a plain Bacteria

Timed out on Words With Friends 2

If I don't play Words With Friends 2 for a while so it "times out", does that mean it counts as a loss for me?

How does the swtor subscription work in steam?

I bought a 30 day subscription for star wars the old republic via Steam, after which I received an email from them (not steam) telling me that they'd charge me

How can I use [Motion] to make an entity follow a path based on the player?

I get the way the question is formatted, it may sound as if this question has been asked before, and if it has, I'd love to see where I can find it. What I'm st

Is there a way to /tellraw the output of a command?

I want to /tellraw everyone the result of /team list teamA, which by itself would list the team members on teamA. is there a way I can broadcast that to all pla

How can I remove arrows stuck in a player?

When I am shot by an arrow in Minecraft, my avatar now has an arrow sticking out of me which hangs around for a while before disappearing. This is fine right no

How to use a structure block & structure void?

I searched the wiki for info, but I can’t understand about it. When placed, use the structure block to open the structure block GUI. The GUI opens only i

How can I make members of a Team in Minecraft Invulnerable?

I have a small Java Server on 1.16.1 and use a Vanilla Tweaks datapack ("AFK Display")to have people that stand still for 5+ minutes be considered AFK. This dat

How to make a player specific back to hub item

I'm making a server-like world with mimigames that currently relies on "back to hub" pressure plates, but i would like to have a system like they have on most s

1.8.8 Minecraft server won't run in Debian Linux

I'll make this simple. I run small Minecraft servers on my Raspberry Pi 3B+, and it suffices for very small stuff, but I wanted more power. I grabbed an old Win

Merchants are missing the Resource tab

I am playing on PC Steam. I have been saving up resources in order to buy the Golden Fast Travel pack so I can fast travel for free. A quick search shows I need

Are Minecraft commands copyrighted

I want to start a YouTube channel where I use Minecraft commands. I've modified a command I got from a command generator. Is it legal to use the command if I tw

Is it possible to hear music discs on Minecraft Bedrock/Pocket Edition?

I have some music discs, but every time I put it in a jukebox I can't hear it. It says it's playing, my friend (on PS4) says he can hear it, but I don't. All ot

If I drink a strength potion does it deal more damage against the ender dragon?

I'm wondering if I drink a strength potion, will it be easier to kill the ender dragon?