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How do I use ! on teams and items

I am working on a Minecraft bed-wars map and I want to make 2 things; an alarm and something that destroys items on the ground except iron ingots, gold ingots,

How to test for minimum amount of items in inventory and execute a command if true

I am using the AmazingKit plugin on my Minecraft server to make inventory kits for players. In a command block I have the following command: /tellraw @p ["",{"

How can I window stretch and remove the border graphics for Final Fantasy IX?

In the Steam version of Final Fantasy IX, it seems most resolutions have these strange grey stone like gradient borders and I find them a little off-putting. I

How can I hookup 24 Xbox One controllers on my PC? What is the limit?

Once a month, I host a LAN where we play various titles, but our 2 hour "warmup" with snacks and social interaction is spent on a desktop playing >= 8 player

What happened to my villagers?

Playing Bedrock edition on iPad. I set up my base about 200 blocks from a village. When I first visited, there were a handful of villagers. When I returned ma

What is Weapon Handling?

I don't quite understand what exactly Improved Weapon Handling does in Borderlands 3. In Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel you only had Accuracy but now you ha

How to Take Over Structures and Units?

In the seventh mission of the first (human) campaign, the explanation of upgrades includes (after researching Aerospace) the hint "Taking control of unused stru

How can I find Marin?

I just opened the entrance to the last dungeon and realized I don't have the first Ocarina song, so I tried to find Marin: Last time I saw it, it was right bef

How can I make a Redstone elevator in Minecraft Java Edition?

I just finished my Ultimate Survival Home but the problem is that I have used the staircase/ladder to move through the floors - I have 12 floor, so it's annoyin

Disabling Railcraft features

Is there a way to disable certain features provided by Railcraft? For example, I do not want to be able to get more rails for the same amount of resources, sinc

Days Gone side quest scores

On NERO Check points and killing Hordes I find myself completing them and always getting between 16%-90% and I keep wondering how and why I keep getting these s

What is this end portal thingy?

I was playing Equivalent Skies modpack for a while until this strange thing appeared in my base. I can't destroy it and I don't know what it is. It just destroy

Forbidden Legend Quest: Gauldur is immobile

Having bit of a trouble completing "Forbidden Legend" quest. I'm at the forging of amulet part. After having fought the ghost of three brothers, Gauldur's ghost

How to install Skyrim Realistic Overhaul for Skyrim Special Edition?

I have downloaded: Skyrim_Realistic_Overhaul_Part_1.7z Skyrim_Realistic_Overhaul_Part_2.7z Skyrim_Realistic_Overhaul_Part_3.7z From:

From where I can find decent mage gear as a low-level character?

Because wearing armor reduces spell effectiveness, it's recommended to wear robes and other mage-orientated gear when playing a pure spellcaster in Oblivion. I'

How can you get the piston extender block in your inventory? [closed]

If you can use the /setblock command to place the piston extender, how do you get it in your inventory? I am playing on Xbox One.

How do I spawn items within a radius of a position? [duplicate]

My code so far is: /summon minecraft:item 6.5 26 -171.5 {Item:{id:"minecraft:gold_ingot",Count:1}} I just don't know how to make them spa

What is the meaning of colored vials next to some passive skills

I couldn't find this information anywhere or maybe I don't know what I am looking for. I returned to game after about 2 months and they redesigned the passive

Project Reality BF2: Flying south out of bounds crashes the COOP server. What's the reason?

Project Reality was a mod for BF2 but has now become a standalone game. You play on maps, and when you go off the map (out of bounds) a message will tell you to

Which activities offer the most professor XP per activity point?

I’d like to maximize my professor level as early as possible to max out my availiable supply of activity points. What activities in the monastery offer th

How does Felyne Weakener work in MHW/Iceborne?

I found and read this question, yet I am wondering a few things. Is the basic functionality (5 different health states) still the same? If I have the skill act

What's the point of Item Exchange event?

I noticed the event "Item Exchange" which is available via the Festive Balloon: In this "event" we can replace items (stones in that case) with items that wh

Are unknown Pokemon guaranteed to show up in Nearby list?

The Nearby feature will show only the silhouette of unknown/uncaught Pokemon. I noticed that those silhouettes are always at the top of the Nearby list, which i

When Did Poison Become Untraceable?

Did Poison kills always count as 'accidents', or is this a thing that changed throughout the series? If it did change, when did it?

Tellraw or a message in chat at a certain 𝑦 level in Minecraft Bedrock?

I'm making a world where the sun basically kills you and if you go above sea level during the day you'll die. The problem is that it's really easy to accidental

Why can't I gift an item?

I have tried to download Minecraft Comes Alive from the actual website, but whenever I try gifting an item (like a Golden Apple) to a villager by pressing g, no

Where can I find the special officers

In Crying Suns it's possible to find special officers, often with 3 skills and a special ability, whose DNA will be available to be cloned in new clusters. Wh

How completely disable ENB hotkeys?

ENB has some extreme functionality (for basic usage) tied to hotkeys, such as "purging" VRAM by pressing F4. Some other functions such as the fps-limiter confli

How is poor sportsmanship handled in League of Legends?

The FAQ pages on Riot Games' site is somewhat lacking in information - how exactly does one get punished for poor behavior in the game, what's against the rules

How can I decrease the health of an item by 1?

I am making a mine craft bed-wars mini-game designed for 1v1v1v1. In your base there is an item spawner that occasionally spawns iron and gold. To limit the amo