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Star Wars Battlefront II - Can I Do Multiplayer Within my Home?

My friends and I are looking into buying Star Wars Battlefront II and playing it together. The original plan was to do this via Xbox when we all get together (l

Is the Playstation VR headset region-locked?

I'm going to be buying a Playstation VR headset from the USA. Will it work with my European PS4?

Why can't I talk to Baldor Iron-Shaper? [duplicate]

I have defeated the Thalmor on the ship and gotten the map for the quest "A New Source of Stahlrim," but when I try to take the map back to Ba

Clear forest / improvement before building?

Should I use a builder to clear forest before building on top of it? (When there's a red question mark icon saying "Building here will remove the forest")

Why can't I find caves?

I'm pretty sure I covered all of my map with my friend but I still can't manage to find caves. How is that ?

Whenever I evolve a Pokemon, other Pokemon of the same evolution line's candy disappears?

I'll explain. I have a Graveler with approximately 20 candy. When I evolve a Geodude into a Graveler, the Graveler I already have now has 1 candy and the new Gr

How does stealing a tech boost work?

When a spy is sent on a "Steal Tech Boost" mission, what exactly does it mean to steal a tech boost? Requirements: Does the other civ need to have the boost fo

I ran away from Tapu Lele-- Will it respawn?

I ran away from Tapu Lele in Pokemon Moon cause I didn't wanna fight it yet now the statue says nothing happens when I touch it. Will it re-spawn on it's own or

Fallout Shelter Restore Mr Handy Purchase

I bought Mr. Handy on another device. My save didn't transfer to my new device. Is there anyway I can restore the purchase?

Which has more Offline Single Player Content: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare or Titanfall 2?

I showed my dad a magazine of games for him to pick out a game to get for Christmas. despite being told that he's getting only one he picked two: Call of Duty:

Does Trackmania Turbo have online multiplayer?

I want to buy the Trackmania Turbo game to play online with friends, in much the same way you can in NFS or Driveclub. That is, I'd like to be able to create a

How do golden and jade tools stack?

In the most recent update of Make More (v1.2), jade tools are added,giving you a 3x bonus. There were already golden tools available, that gave a 2x bonus. Are

How to get a new villager

I was going to get a saddle but I found that all my villagers were gone how do I get more. I am on a survival world so I cannot spawn them in using spawn eggs.

Are all Z-moves guaranteed to hit?

Seeing as how I'm only allowed to use one Z-move per battle, I haven't had much experience with them. However, I've noticed that I've never missed a Z-move. Are

How can I get Serana to pick up items?

Ok, so most followers in this game are able to hold a limited amount of items when you trade with them, but can hold an infinite number of items with a glitch (

How do I transfer my gta 5 saves from one account to the other on the same pc?

I recently made my own steam account. I can still play the games from the other account, my dad's, but when i play gta online it says to login to social club. I

Can I marry Ysolda?

Ok, so I like Ysolda more than any of the other women in the game Skyrim, and I really wanted to have her as my wife on the game. However, I don't know if that

Can we claim multiple home planets?

I've found an habitable base on a planet but the sentry is frenzied so I don't know if I should stay there. My thought is if I claim this base, will I be able t

Both Dark Barracks Under Upgrade

The current barrack system has a single queue for all troops be it elixir troops or dark elixir troops. I know how the training time is calculated and all the o

Can I view enemy resistances without playing in Combat Wait mode?

I played through the tutorial and it said that you can view enemy resistances by putting combat into wait mode. I don't like playing in wait mode most of the ti

How to colour item text in Vanilla minecraft? [duplicate]

Recently, I have seen item names on servers and on this very website with odd characters preceding them. I was thinking "well, this changes ev

Is it possible to remove the Villager GUI and replace it with other right click abilities? [duplicate]

The title is a mouthful, I know, but basically my question is exactly what Wynncraft managed to do. When right-clicking a villager, you would

Which unique (blue) guns are you able to get as a drop?

I've recently started another playthrough in BL: TPS and was wondering: which unique guns are you able to farm? I know of a few like the "Boomacorn" and "The M

How much health does Symmetra's Photon Barrier have?

In the new update, Symmetra had a (kind of) remake. One of those changes was to her Eability, where it would spawn a mini-Reinhardt barrier charging forward.

Are Arcanines with the worst movesets good against strong fire-type pokémon?

The worst moveset for Arcanine is Bite/Bulldoze. Are they able to defeat fire-type Pokémon around its current CP?

How do I get out of the bed?

Right at the beginning of the game, Meowth comes into your room and attempts to wake you up. At this point, I assume I have to press some button to get out of b

Minecraft launcher is unresponsive

When I enter minecraft it is unresponsive to any clicking. For login I can simply do - tab - enter username - tab - enter password - press enter, but then when

Can I play an Xbox One Fifa 17 on an Xbox 360 too?

If I buy fifa 17 for xbox one will it also play on 360?

What prizes can I win from playing Justice Monsters Five?

There are pinball machines at some outposts that let you play this minigame. After getting bored with playing it and exiting back out to the main screen, I noti

How do I unlock the National Dex?

I'm at roughly 67% completion of the Alola Dex, with ~200 caught, ~290 seen. After scanning QR codes, I've caught a Swinub and Cyndaquil. However, neither were